A Guide To Not Freaking Out, A Student’s First New Home

In the modern day a budding industry has popped up for landlords around college towns renting properties to students that want to live away from campus. Lots of money each year is garnered because of landlords leasing properties out to college kids, who attempt to gather enough money each month to pay rent in their area. Sometimes, however, these property owners are not completely honest with their tenants about certain things regarding their leased property. For example, there is a Louisville HVAC and Louisville duct cleaning service that some students neverfind out about because their landlord doesn’t inform them. Students must make sure that houses or apartments are adequate in their unmodified state because most leases say they must be accepted without making any repairs once the lease is signed.

Many off campus homes are in shoddy condition because of the people that live in them. Students tend to be very messy and have a lot of parties and therefore damages will be caused to the property. Many landlords simply do nothing about these damages and it is fairly common to see little holes or cracks in the walls because they haven’t been repaired. Repairs are rarely made because the owners know that they can get away without doing it, because living options are often times limited and there is lots of competition to get the best properties around campus. In short, many students have to settle for something that isn’t perfect or is not in keeping with their standards.

Also, most areas around college campuses are very run down, so nobody looking to move off of a college campus should expect to be living in anything similar to their parents neighborhood. Due to parties it isn’t strange on weekends to stroll down streets where nearly every yard is covered with beer cans. To add to the beautiful landscape of college towns, sometimes there is even furniture on the lawns and red plastic cups for the partiers that wouldn’t just settle for the standard beer. All these things are commonplace amongst most colleges and should generally be expected of any neighborhood or street where a commuting student would choose to live.

Crime is often a big issue around campuses across the country as well. Many colleges are located in city centers so the vagrant population can be high. Oftentimes homeless people can be seen walking around near campuses and sometimes cause crimes such as breaking and entering or some other senseless deed. Many students consider and then buy themselves some form of protection, such as pepper spray or anything else so they don’t have to live in fear of a crime being committed against them.

In order to make living off campus a more enjoyable experience for oneself a student must be very careful about where they choose to make their home. While some areas are scary and treacherous, many wonderful homes can be found. As a solution to the previously stated problems students may wish to do a number of things. First of all, seeking a street near a police station or lacking that, a well lit street would prevent lots of problems. Second of all, common sense must be used when partying and all cups and cans from the weekends should be cleaned up rather than left to sit in yards. With careful decision making, living off campus can be a fantastic experience for any student.

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