Finding the Right Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet cleaning should never be left to amateurs. The best carpet cleaners are highly trained and experienced, and can tell the difference between a clean, dry carpet and a soggy mess. Here are some guidelines to help avoid choosing bad Adelaide carpet cleaning services.

Years of Experience

How many years has your chosen company been cleaning carpets? Do they employ people who have fully trained in the carpet cleaning industry? Carpets are a relatively expensive investment. Handing over your carpets to just anyone who’s fresh to the trade is not a sensible idea. A good company will recommend a schedule of regular cleanings depending on how heavily the carpets are used. When carefully cleaned by experts with years of experience, your carpets will last a long time and look great for years.

Proper equipment

Good carpet cleaning companies only use the best equipment, and this usually means a truck mounted system, which is best way to clean carpet. This uses very hot water at high pressure and suction, ensuring a very deep clean that lifts longstanding soils and other nasty carpet stains and odors. It’s true that you can use a portable hot water system, but they are inferior and will result in a lower quality end result. Plus, a successful carpet cleaning company will have the funds to invest in a truck mount system. It’s the highest quality cleaning equipment on the market; don’t expose your carpets to anything less.

Professional Cleaning Process

How does the carpet cleaning company plan to clean your carpet. Do they have a multi-stage process that begins with vacuuming, or do they just simply dunk and dry? If the former, you’re working with professionals. You may be speaking with amateurs if it’s the latter.

Do they have Insurance

You should make sure that they have proper insurance. And if the answer in ‘no’, run. A professional carpet cleaner will have organized appropriate insurance on the off chance that there is an accident or another unforeseeable equipment issue occurs. You should never have to be liable for a mistake the company makes, but you will if they don’t have insurance.

Too Cheap

Price is important, of course, but it should not be the only factor in choosing a carpet cleaner. The company’s years of experience, the types of carpet cleaning offered, and insurance must all be considered as you make your decision. If your prospective carpet cleaning Adelaide hills company is offering exceptionally low prices for their services, there’s probably a reason. We usually get what we pay for, and if you’re paying dirt cheap prices, you will probably end up dirty carpets or getting ripped off with upsell services in order to get the job finished as you expected. There are always companies that lure customers in by promising cheap rates, only to either change the pricing structure or perform a mediocre job. A reputable carpet cleaning company will quote the price based on the total size of the carpet, the number of furniture pieces or objects that must be moved prior to the cleaning, as well as the age and type of the carpet itself. Ultimately, if you don’t want to have to pay to have your carpet cleaned a second time, choose a cleaning company that promises to give you a realistic quote, not an imaginary bargain.

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