Home Recipes for Creating A Natural Carpet Cleaner

One of the biggest shortcomings to renting commercial carpet cleaners is that the cleaning solution that comes with them is quite often full of dangerous chemicals. Not only do they smell undesirable while they are being applied, they may leave a residue on the floor coverings where your little ones and family pets play. Certainly not a pretty thought, is it? So how about if you could prepare a natural carpet cleaner with convenient items you will probably curently have in the house? They're items, like white vinegar and baking soda, that you use in food preparation, so you know they are 100% safe. Additionally, they really do a great job of cleaning your carpets and rugs.

Little stains on the carpeting, even old dried ones, might be easily removed by applying a paste made of white vinegar and baking soda using an old toothbrush. Be sure to wait until the spot you targeted is totally dry, then vacuum up the powdery residue left behind. In case the spot has really set into the carpeting, it could take more than just one treatment to pull it all out. With a recent spot, you could quite often just blot the fluid from the rug by using paper towels. Should

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you require just a little help for staining, administer a bit of club soda and then blot. Repeat the process until the spot is cleaned.

Using a rental steam cleaner continues to be an option, and as opposed to chemical cleaners, you might wish to look into working with a solution with equal parts warm water plus white vinegar. Before using a rental device, however, you will likely want to run some ordinary water through it to help clean out chemical residue. Subsequently all you'll have to do is pour your own vinegar solution in the machine and then wash your carpets as per the machine's instructions. It is possible to likewise work with warm water and white vinegar to saturate a new pet stain and blot or maybe suck as much water from the carpet as achievable. For any pet stain, though, you'll want to follow up the water treatment with a sprinkling of baking soda. Wait until it dries out and vacuum away.

Even if these natural carpet cleaning care might sound too simple to be effective, they truly do work without having the cost and chemicals of commercial cleaning solutions. The answer to that spot in your carpeting may well be placed on your kitchen shelf.