Mold Inspection in San Francisco: Getting to the Root of the Problem

Because of the environment and the plethora of older construction, mold removal in San Francisco continues to grow at an alarming rate. Mold grows almost anywhere there is moisture present and it reproduces by way of spore production. When spores land on a suitable surface it begins to grow. While mold can be found nearly everywhere, these small concentrations are not enough to be harmful to most healthy people. Mold is most often discovered during inspections that go along with the sale or transfer of property or when there may be unexplained increases in illness and allergies in one or more members of the household.

Mold is usually found during a mold inspection in San Francisco for one of several reasons. The first being that the property is about to be transferred to another owner and it is found during the property inspection. The second reason inspections are done usually occur when a property is going to be sold or transferred and it is a part of the residential inspection. The third reason that homes are usually thoroughly inspected occurs after a major water leak has been repaired and water has been able to seep into walls and carpets. Water damaged walls, carpet, flooring and older air conditioning systems provide excellent breeding areas for all types of mold spores.

Mold remediation is the process by which mold problems are removed from an area. Taking an air sample and thoroughly inspecting areas that are hidden to normal view such as behind wall paneling, under furniture, under carpeting and flooring as well as behind the dry wall is where mold remediation in San Francisco begins. Small occurrences of mold may be remediated by using sunlight to dry the area, ventilating the area so that moisture cannot build up and replacing any damaged insulation. Many common household cleaners can be used to rid yourself of small areas of mold but it when you find one area it is often advisable to have your whole home inspected.

The most common techniques for mold removal in San Francisco include using procedures that provide heat and ventilation to the affected areas, changing out or increasing insulation, ensuring that air conditioning is available to maintain constant temperatures and control humidity as well as using dry foggers to combat mold spores already present. Removing spore colonies and preventing them from reestablishing themselves is the true goal of mold Remediation in San Francisco. Mold must not only be killed it must be removed as the chemicals and proteins that cause problems are still present even when the mold is dead.

Once you have completed the mold remediation in San Francisco it is of utmost importance to keep from having regrowth in areas that have been cleaned. Removing the entry ways for moisture and water is the first line of defense in keeping your home mold free. Inspect and clean air conditioning systems, including the duct work, on a regular basis and if humidity is a problem in your area use dehumidifiers.

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