Pressure Cleaners – A Look At The Manufacuring Industry

Pressure cleaners, sometimes also referred to as waterblasters, high pressure water cleaners, steam cleaners (in relation to hot water pressure cleaners), is an industrial area which has been dominated predominately by the Italians.

Ten to fifteen years ago, over 60 manufacturers of pressure cleaners existed in Italy which is the largest manufacturer in the world by far. Only recently, China has begun manufacturing and now have many more different companies manufacturing pressure cleaners but they are almost all manufacturing clone copy machines of pressure cleaners from Italy.

Whilst the entry of China into the pressure cleaner market has been very quick, the overall quality of manufacturing still has a long way to go to challenge the Italian industry in this field.

In the area of pressure cleaners, China have made large inroads into the market of petrol powered pressure cleaners by cloning mostly Honda motors. While the developing Chinese market is lucrative due to the low manufacting costs, the machines in various sizes and performance ranges have made a high performing pressure cleaner a very affordable option to the small electric pressure cleaners which cannot match the performance of the gasoline/petrol units.

Small electric pressure cleaners have been manufactured in China in small numbers with different degrees of reliability success, but they have been limited in producing hot water pressure cleaners. The hot water pressure cleaner which heats its own water within the unit, is a more complicated machine to clone compared to the much simpler cold water units. Once the overall quality control process and the quality of steel improved, the Chinese will quickly become large manufacturers of hot water pressure cleaners.

The pressure cleaner industry is enormous world wide, but there is no collaborative work done between companies leaving very little statistical data or joint manufacturing research and development.The large pressure cleaning manufacturers are not interested in sharing technologies and world wide figures, therefore have no want for an overseeing body.

The other difficulty with obtaining statistics from the different companies is that not all of them concentrate on the same markets in the pressure cleaner industry.Some focus solely on the small domestic markets with electric cleaners, others on the industrial markets with large petrol machines while the main companies manufacture machines for all types of markets.

Small electric pressure cleaners dominate the market share in Australia based on sales numbers. These sales numbers may be the same elsewhere in the world, although there’s no statistical data to prove this.

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