Bosch Vacuum Bags

Bosch vacuum bags are bags that are attached to the Bosch vacuum cleaners to help in storing dust and dirt while cleaning your floor surfaces. They are normally purchased with the vacuum cleaner however they may need replacements and therefore they are also available as parts of the accessories that can be replaced when need [...] Read more »

Bosch Compact Vacuum

Bosch compact vacuum is a vacuum cleaner that has a small space with Bosch which offers floor care to your home or office. It offers cleaning effectively and versatility through its features that are attached to it. It is mainly meant for vacuuming hard floors. Bosch compact vacuum has breeze that can be used easily [...] Read more »

Bosch Upright Vacuum

Bosch upright vacuum are ideal floor cleaning solutions to your floor and carpets. It has low noise output with 1,450watts and 12amps of power. This makes it effective for use even in places where there is need to maintain limited noise such as hospitals and office. Bosch upright vacuum has two in one control option. [...] Read more »

Bosch Canister Vacuum

Bosch canister vacuum is available in different types and designs. It is a vacuum cleaner machine that is meant to make the cleaning process of rugs and floors easy. It is manufactured in Germany. Bosch compact plus hard floor vacuum is type of Bosch canister vacuum meant for cleaning hard floor using a special hard [...] Read more »